Takashi Okada is a visual artist who is pursuing a personal sense of beauty through that draws “dessin” and makes experimental motion graphics. he also works as a freelance art director and designer whose practice incorporates media design, interface, movie, and print.

I have been designing for clients for over 20 years now. The work of the client sometimes makes me tired of not getting in control because others intervene... It is my pleasure to develop a different approach based on the techniques acquired in those jobs. If the reality is client work, this filed work exists like its parallel world...

Takashi Okada

Takashi Okada
rm 302 3-6-14 Kitazawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo 1550031 Japan

2015. D&AD Wood Pencil / Crafts for Design / Illustration for Design / 2015
2009.13th Japan Media Arts Festival / Art Division Jury Recommend Works
2007.11th Japan Media Arts Festival / Art Division Jury Recommend Works
2006.TORAY DCA2006 / Screening Committee's Encouragement Award
2006.Adobe Motion Award / Flash Animaition Winner
2005.SEIKO DESIGN YOUR TIME / Special prize
2004.Panasonic CQ a small world full / Encouragement prize

2013.GREAT IDEA PETITE TYPEFACE (work publishing)
2012. Web Designing 2012/09 (work publishing)
2011. Interactive design (Interview and work publishing)
2010. atlas of illustration (Interview and work publishing,10)
2010. MdN 2010/04 (Writing)
2009. MdN 2009/12 (Writing)
2009. Layout of website (work publishing)
2009. Web Designing 2009/6 (Writing)
2009. WEB direction for graphic designer (work publishing)
2009. X FUNS 41 (Interview and work publishing)
2008-09. Web Designing 2008/11〜2009/04 (Writing)
2008. Web Designing 2009/02 (Interview and work publishing)
2008. Point to the East: Explore Stunning Talents in Asia (Interview and work publishing)
2008. Web Design note (Interview and work publishing)
2008. 映像作家100人 2008 (work publishing)
2008. Web Designing 2008/04 (Interview and work publishing)
2007.Web Designing 2007/12 (Interview and work publishing)